Marketing your home in the Central Alabama Area

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Montevallo Real Estate Sales

Marketing your home in the Central Alabama Area

Our Internet Strategy1

Statistics Show that 85% of all home buyers use the internet in the search for a new home. The internet has replaced

traditional newspaper advertising and is it critical that your home be marketed well on the web. We proudly showcase

all of our listings on multiple real estate sales websites.

Custom Fliers

Custom fliers of your home is another technique that we use to market your property. Us use images of your home

in addition to our vast knowledge of sales techniques to showcase your home to the best of our ability.

Custom Email Campaign

Our custom email campaign helps us to be able to market your home to the maximum number of interested

buyers that we can. We auto-notify all the clients in our database that your home has been just listed. We also

send out a broker preview campaign to all local real estate agents to come preview your home. We have several

campaign formats that we will utilize to help us market your home.

Local Marketing

We market your home using the best available print media that will expose your property to the corner local

or international buyer. We believe marketing your home is the most important step in getting your home sold.

Our Newly Design Website

Our newly designed website is highly ranked and exposes your property to the maximum number of buyers

and real estate agents. We pride ourselves in high tech technology to sell your home!

How We Connect With Buyers

Bradford Real Estate Group will market your home using various methods to attract motivated buyers in the

central Alabama market. Through the Birmingham Area Multiple Listing Service in addition to a strong web

presence, local signage, and a high quality print campaign, we will do our best to bring you a qualified buyer

for your home!